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About Scott Bane

Digital Strategy & Marketing Technology

I've been working in the field for more than a dozen years - in startups, with creative agencies, and in large corporations. After leading hundreds of digital marketing and web development projects, I have expert understanding of marketing technology as well as the strategic and business intelligence to zero in on the best-fit solutions for you. I know how to lead teams of highly-skilled marketing & technology professionals to bring projects home on time and on budget.

Besides being an accomplished web developer, I have a Master's Degree in Management and am a SOSTAC® Certified Digital Marketing Planner as well as Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®).

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Brand Experience

Web Development & Campaign Execution

The benefit of working with some of the most influencial brands is the chance to see marketing campaigns work at scale. The projects I've done with these high profile clients have been primarily about collecting leads through targetted promotions or sweepstakes microsites. The attention to detail and the speed to market required to support national campaigna that collects millions of views over a short period of time are available to help promote your brand as well.

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